Corporate Social Responsibility

“At ICAN we understand that any organization is as good as the society in which it operates. We acknowledge our social, moral and ethical responsibility towards the betterment of various elements of the society we live in. We believe that this is one of the unsaid and underestimated aspect of business excellence which few organizations have come to take notice of. Along with our employees, we have taken one such step to touch lives outside the professional arena. We recently have pledged our support to Rays of Hope Ministries.

Through this initiative we hope to make a difference to the many orphans in the institute, just as we have done with our internal and external clients. The generosity of our employees to extend financial help further testifies to the company’s strong ethical convictions and moral codes which in no lesser means have had us excel in our business assignments as well.

We look at this effort as a way of giving to the society what the society has given to us – sustenance. We do see an indirect correlation of these activities with business values, which by extension drive business operations – after all socially aware and active organization are more likely to stand the test of time, and we are one of the proofs of that.

To do your part in improving the society which sustains everyone – big or small – please click here.”