ICARE - Customer Acquisition Engagement and Retention

  • Soup to Nuts CRM partner- Ican provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of services encompassing the entire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) lifecycle – from customer targeting and segmentation to customer acquisition leading on to continued engagement resulting in superior retention. We provide this in both the B2C and in the B2B spaces depending on the industry and the clients we serve.

  • Scalability across Platforms and Geographies- Ican employs a large pool of highly trained and experienced resources across geographies capable of communicating with prospects and customers regardless of technology/IP/telecom platforms. Our acclaimed measurement tools ensure that our clients are in most cases able to meet and exceed not just sales and retention targets but also do it in the most ROI efficient manner possible. We provide 24x7 support across channels including telephony, chat/IM and email. For many of our clients, we have transformed customer support into a line function as opposed to being a mere cost center.

  • Continued Investments in Technology - One of our key differentiators is the ability to handle complexity - both operational and technology wise. Ican brings to bear its large investments in cutting edge technology infrastructure and platform agnostic application development expertise. We employ a large staff of highly qualified technologists that helps us provide our clients the choice of creating or harvesting technology channels to acquire, retain and engage customers.

  • Ican believes reaching out to customers and encouraging product and/or service usage. In our experience this results in significant reduction in customer attrition and provides an additional reference channel for further customer acquisitions. Our unique measurement tools provide our clients clear visibility into the ROI on such activities.